Livelihood Lost,
Childhood Forgotten.

The Covid-19 pandemic severely impacted underserved communities as livelihoods were destroyed and families struggled to pay for basic necessities. As families sunk deeper into poverty and the risk of school drop-out greatly increased.

  • 41% of households were unable to afford school fees

  • 83% of adolescents didn’t have access to online learning

A Silent Crisis

Schools have finally reopened but the two-year gap in schooling has caused many adolescents to fall behind their peers in learning. The literacy levels of more than 50% of adolescents in a class are not equal to their age and class requirements.

This leaves adolescents feeling lost, demotivated, afraid, lonely, depressed and under confident in class. All this contributes to a higher school drop-out rate and consequently, an increase in child labour and poverty levels.

  • 49.8% of adolescents drop out of school before completing 10th standard
    Magic Bus intervenes before it is too late.

Bridging The Gap

Through our Childhood programmes, we ensure adolescents stay in school and help them get up to speed on their Foundational Literacy and Numerical Literacy. Our Community Learning Centres provide a safe space for adolescents to come together and learn important life skills that help restore a sense of confidence and belongingness in them. This empowers adolescents to achieve academic success and dream big.

You can be the one who ensures that adolescents complete their education and go on to live rewarding lives