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Research & Development

Magic Bus' research, development and management information system ensures that our work proceeds from a strong theoretical foundation, is grounded in the experiences of children who have been with the organization, and has empirical evidence testifying to its methods and impacts. In this way, we develop resilient and effective policies that help ensure that the program is always accountable and responsive to our key stakeholders – children and youth.

External Studies To Gauge Effectiveness and Impact

A select set of external evaluators are have studied the Magic Bus programme to gauge its effectiveness and impact →

  1. Sports-for-development, An Impact study: In a research initiative funded by Comic Relief and UK Sport and managed by International Development through Sport, Prof. Fred Coalter and John Taylor conducted a global research study in 2008 with 5 organizations to test the following hypothesis:

    ‘Sports as a tool can lead to the development of personal and social skills of young people’

  2. Praxis India conducted two external evaluations to assess the impact of the Magic Bus program →

    • The first study, conducted in 2010, was the Impact Evaluation of the Magic Bus Graduation Program,
    • and the second, conducted in 2012, was Magic Bus Need Assessment and Impact Study: Program Impact on Youth, their Mothers and the Communities they live in.
  3. The International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) has selected Magic Bus as the agency for whom an independent study will be commissioned to understand the impact of the program on gender-equity. Click here to read about it →
  4. The Packard Foundation has funded 3 external validations of the Magic Bus program to enable the building of a 3 year programme on adolescent reproductive and sexual health in Bihar: Read about it here →

Magic Bus Commissioned Internal Studies

In addition to studies by external evaluators, Magic Bus regularly undertakes internal studies to assess our work →

MIS at Magic Bus

In order to manage the data and information generated from a program that touches 2,50,000 lives every week,
we use InFocus, a web-based application, for reporting and analyzing our program information. The application enables us to record centrally the information we collect.

The MIS application facilitates the flow of information, monitors the performance and quality of what we do and provides periodic reports on the status of Magic Bus stakeholders with regard to education, health, gender-equity, livelihood options, leadership skills, personal and social development of adolescents.

To know more, please write to →