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Bengali Camp

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Magic Bus Overview

Magic Bus works with some of the world’s poorest children and young people, taking them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods. We equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to grow up and move out of poverty.

Children on the Magic Bus Programme complete school, and go on to enroll in vocational institutes or colleges. They successfully fend off destabilizers such as child marriage and child labour and become first-generation salary earners. Our participants complete their education and have secure careers.

The below report is a representative of the impact in the Magic Bus Programme in Chandrapur, where the communities are located.

About Chandrapur District

Bengali camp is one of the wards in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. The ward has 356 households and a population of 2,180, with 1095 men and 1085 women. Situated near a bus stop in the main market area of Chandrapur, Bengali Camp is a crowded area. Most people living in the area are migrants from Bengal and are illiterate. Most residents work as daily wage labourers and construction workers in the nearby industrial area.

Bhagat Singh High School in the ward caters to children from Std 1-10. There are total 107 children in the ward who attend the school. 

The ward has a government hospital for medical emergencies. 

The Magic Bus Youth Mentor met the ward member to give them a demo session to explain how the Sport for Development programme works. Once the community welcomes the programme, the next challenge was to find a playground to conduct sessions in. Magic Bus approached the Nagar Parishad School and asked that school authorities lend their ground. The school could only spare the ground during school hours. The Youth Mentor had to gather children from Zilla Parishad schools, and took them to the Nagar Parishad School ground to deliver the programme. Sport for Development sessions started in Bengali Camp on August 18, 2011, with 127 children - 68 boys and 59 girls. Despite the hardships, the programme continues.

Programme Inputs

13-year-old Kunal dreams of being a famous sports person. His father is an auto-driver and his mother is a homemaker.

It was sports that drew him to Magic Bus. He worked very hard and improved upon his sporting skills.

It was during this time that the Training and Monitoring Officer found out that he is irregular to school and paid no attention to studies.

In the next session, the Community Youth Leader spoke about the importance of education through sports. Kunal, who was always eagerly listening, picked up the message. After the session, the Community Youth Leader drew him aside and explained to him that in order to be a successful sportsman he has to pay attention to his studies as well.

Following this session, when the Training and Monitoring Officer visited Kunal’s school and spoke to his teacher, she was very pleased to hear that there has been a complete change in Kunal’s behaviour. He was more attentive in class and would not miss school even for a single day. Even his parents were happy that Kunal was paying attention to his studies.

Faces of change

Sessions in Bengali Camp are held every Wednesdays every week between 8.30 and 10.00am and are divided into three parts:

  • Warm up: The development goal is introduced using interactive activities
  • Main activity: The development goal is reinforced using sports and activities
  • Review: A discussion is facilitated to draw parallels to real-life situations and sum up the learning objectives

(Photographs from Magic Bus areas of operation are for representational purposes only.)