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About Chandrapur District

Chandrapur is a remote district in Maharashtra, and closely borders Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The local language spoken here is Gondi and there is a population of 2.2 million people, with only 35% of the area being urbanized. The overall literacy rate of the region is 81.4% with male literacy at 88.7% while for female it's much lower at 73.7%, exhibiting a difference of 15% in the male female literacy ratio.
                                                         Bpl Blob Chandrapur
                                                          Bpl Graph Chandrapur

Magic Bus has been conducting sessions and events in the villages of Chandrapur over the past one year, the following figures give details about the impact of the same.

Programme Inputs


Magic Bus conducts one of the largest programmes in Chandrapur district, reaching out to 15088 children across several villages. Weekly sessions and events were conducted with over 500 groups of children on various domains covering rapport building, education, gender, socio-emotional learning, health, right to play and other needs-based issues, by over 450 Community Youth Leaders (CYLs) with an average of 950 sessions per month. The Magic Bus childhood to livelihood programme ensures that the children are engaged in a 7 year journey, and this multiyear engagement is necessary in breaking the poverty cycle.


1. Education
Almost all the children in the Magic Bus programme are enrolled in school as observed in figure below, while 91.47% of them attend school regularly, this is significantly higher than the national average of 71.0% .                                                                                                                                                                              Infographic 01

2. Gender
A total of 94.08% of all the children in the Magic Bus Programme believe that girls should pursue their higher education. According to the figure below, none of the girls in the Magic Bus programme are married below the legal age.    
                                                          Gender Blob Chandrapur 2
                                                           Child Brides (%)

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